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“Cross My Mind” by Daniel Steez (Art: @Senekt / Photography: @Etas1)

“If there ever was a time that you would cross my mind

it would probably be right now…

and every passing hour

and every passing minute

and every passing second

of every passing day

until the end of time.”

– Daniel Steez

Great artwork by @senekt. Captured by #GullySteez family member @etas1.

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Art, Creative Writing, Photography, Poetry

“Devil’s Trough” by @DanielSteez (Art: @Madeofhagop / Photography: @Fotoflaneuse)

“Day in, day out, they mask their souls with knicks and knacks to keep control and though they stoop to levels low we always go back into the devil’s trough.”

– @DanielSteez

Great work by the talented @madeofhagop.
Captured by #GullySteez contributor @fotoflaneuse.

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