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Welcome to what I’ll call “GullySteez 2.0”.

I’m pivoting again. This is nothing new. We’ve pivoted from a streetwear brand to a cultural hub that runs several creative projects and that’s pretty much worked out in ways I never thought possible. However, over the course of the past 7 years I’ve been aimlessly drafting the story of our brand in a way that hasn’t been the most consistent work it had the potential of being. So I decided to make an effort to change that starting with a move that would allow GullySteez to have the finite home it hasn’t had in a few years. In the past I’ve dabbled with running our platform through the now-defunct Gully Mag and then switched to a Tumblr platform that is still active on “WhatsGully.com“. To be real with myself I switched over to Tumblr because it was the easiest way to stay active by sharing content that was already being posted on our Instagram account. It was efficient and I convinced myself it was the appropriate thing to do since the majority of our audience stemmed from Instagram. However, in the end it wasn’t the most professional way to tell our story, help our members, share my thoughts, or publish my writing material.

There were several reasons to make a change and the time is now. It’s reassuring to know that despite my personal escapades the brand has continued to grow in a slow but steady pace. A pace I’m comfortable with considering the fact that I’ve personally been through a shit storm when it comes to trying to grow my ambitious projects. Since the inception of GullySteez I have lost partners, burned bridges, and thrown everything I have to keep the tinders of my dreams ablaze. There have been times when I’ve contemplated the purpose of what I do. Times when I’ve doubted my ability to keep this going. I had these doubts because I don’t currently live off this project and it was primarily funded by a job I don’t have anymore. When the monetary source of its growth evaporated I thought it would take my dream with it. The funny thing is that every time a negative thought creeps into my mind it gets overcome by the messages I get from creatives who are trying to get their work seen or the artists who are trying to be heard. These messages have validated the existence of our platform and our projects time and time again. We strive to be the champions of the unheard and the unseen. We are avid supporters of the independent grind. We always have been. We always will be. It’s because of these beliefs that I could never quit no matter how hard the road gets. Instead I will continue to work even harder than I ever have to make these dreams tangible and to help as many people as I can in the process.

GullySteez now runs two monthly sketch contests, one monthly graffiti battle, and a yearly poetry giveaway as detailed below:

Secret Poetry Stash is a yearly poetry giveaway with participants from all over the world who donate their work to be packed in 5-10 boxes and distributed to lovers of the written word.

Sketchaholix is a themed monthly sketch contest with a random winner every 1st of the month.

Sketchathon is a general monthly sketch contest with a random winner every 1st of the month. Entrants are allowed to submit all their artwork for consideration.

SteezWars partners with Blackbookology to host a monthly graffiti battle that rewards random prizes to a lucky participant. In addition to our random prize Blackbookology rewards 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes through their main battle which is based on a strict judging criteria.

I hope to expand on this list in the coming years and grow all these platforms as leaders in their respective spaces. It is a daunting task and a crazy idea. But it wouldn’t be worth it if it was easy.

I look forward to sharing “All Things Dope” with whoever happens to find this website interesting or entertaining and if you happen to be a creative individual looking for some sort of exposure we’re conveniently looking for contributors.

Contact us and let’s network!

Be You. Live REAL.

– Daniel Steez


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