GullySteez | All Things Dope

If you’re real with yourself, you’re Gully.

If you’re comfortable with yourself, you got Steez.

ubat erythromycin ethylsuccinate 400 mg Mission & Purpose:

We’re a community based digital media brand dedicated to promoting all things dope. What that means is that we encompass a fairly large scope of culture with the main goal of helping push the arts and hip-hop forward while entertaining our audience with relevant content. We support the artistic community by housing platforms that provide free exposure to deserving talent and by hosting projects designed to reward creativity at all levels of expertise.

Creative Projects:

Secret Poetry Stash is a yearly poetry giveaway with participants from all over the world who donate their work to be packed in 5-10 boxes and distributed to lovers of the written word.

Sketchaholix is a themed monthly sketch contest with a random winner every 1st of the month.

Sketchathon is a general monthly sketch contest with a random winner every 1st of the month. Entrants are allowed to submit all their artwork for consideration.

SteezWars partners with Blackbookology to host a monthly graffiti battle that rewards random prizes to a lucky participant. In addition to our random prize Blackbookology rewards 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes through their main battle which is based on a strict judging criteria.

Other Brand Segments:

DOPE or NAH? is completely focused on sharing new music (mostly hip-hop) and asking our readers what they think. It’s site is housed within our Tumblr blog, it has segments on our Instagram and WordPress sites, and there are “DOPE or NAH?” playlists on SoundCloud and Spotify. (Submit Here)

Gully Music is our SoundCloud’s home and where we curate what eventually makes it to DOPE or NAH?. (Submit Here)

Do You Got Steez?