GullySteez | All Things Dope.

If you’re real with yourself, you’re Gully.

If you’re comfortable with yourself, you got Steez.

Who & What:

#GullySteez is a multi-layered, Hip-Hop inspired creative hub founded in 2010 that’s dedicated to supporting art, music, photography, fashion, and creative writing. We started as a streetwear brand and have slowly evolved into a platform that promotes creativity across a wide range of artistic mediums. From hosting sketch contests and black-book graffiti battles to sponsoring Hip-Hop events and freestyle competitions. We strive to help at least one person a day pursue their artistic dreams by giving them the gift of encouragement and by assisting them with any promotional push we can offer.

Creative Projects:

Secret Poetry Stash is a yearly poetry giveaway with participants from all over the world who donate their work to be packed in 5-10 boxes and distributed to lovers of the written word.

Sketchaholix is a themed monthly sketch contest with a random winner every 1st of the month.

Sketchathon is a general monthly sketch contest with a random and a merit based winner every 1st of the month. Entrants are allowed to submit all their artwork for consideration.

SteezWars partners with Blackbookology to host a monthly graffiti battle that rewards random and merit based prizes to a lucky participant. In addition to our prize pool Blackbookology also has their own reward system that’s based on a strict judging criteria.

Other Brand Segments:

DOPE or NAH? is home to our Tumblr blog and aside from acting as a mirror of our Instagram account it is primarily focused on sharing Hip-Hop related content and asking our audience what they think. There are “DOPE or NAH?” playlists on SoundCloud and Spotify along with segments on Instagram that we’re always accepting submissions for. (Submit Here)

Gully Music is home to our SoundCloud page and hosts our “DOPE or NAH?” playlist. (Submit Here)

Do You Got Steez?